Our pets can not explain to us why they are in pain and not feeling well. Often times, when they are sick or injured, it is vital for the veterinarian to take an x-ray of your pet. X-rays can help the veterinarian diagnose and evaluate your pet’s condition.

Newman Veterinary Centers – Sanford is equipped with advanced digital x-ray machines that are specifically designed for pets. Digital x-rays are ultra-clear and make it easy for our veterinarians to read. Digital x-rays are also easy to duplicate and share.

X-rays can help diagnose:

  • Foreign objects in the stomach
  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Pet dental health
  • Checking vital organs
  • Checking for stones or crystals in the bladder
  • Monitoring and diagnosing arthritis

In-House Lab at Newman Veterinary Centers – Sanford

The proper use of diagnostic equipment and the interpretation of the results are essential in treating your pet. Our highly skilled animal care professionals use the best diagnostic technology available.

Our in-house lab is equipped with state-of-the-art tools that can perform blood work, urine analysis, x-rays, allergy testing and much more. Our equipment is properly maintained to ensure fast and accurate results.

Our professional animal care technicians are all trained in the microscopic evaluation of a blood smear, fecal samples, urine samples and skin scrapings. In addition to our own lab, we also work closely with an outside laboratory and a veterinary research university.