Microchips for Cats & Dogs

Newman Veterinary Centers – Sanford can help you find your lost pet on Google! Our Microchips are unique in that if your pet does go missing its microchip number can easily be Googled. The person that found your pet can then easily contact you via email or text and send you the GPS location of your pet.

Microchips from Newman Veterinary Centers are affordable. There is a one-time lifetime registration fee, with savethislife.com. This one-time fee is $20 and there are no additional fees to update information or transfer pet owners.

The lifetime registration includes:

  • $1000 in lost pet emergency health insurance
  • Free lost pet alerts and posters sent out within a 25-mile radius
  • Pet owner receives online log in to update contact information and pet’s photo
  • Microchip ID numbers that are searchable on Google

In 2008 the Florida Board of Veterinary Medicine decided that only licensed veterinarians are able to implant microchips in pets. Animal microchips are typically implanted just beneath the surface of the skin, between the shoulder blades. The process is like receiving a vaccination through a needle. The microchip remains just beneath the skin for the rest of the animal’s lifetime, becoming a permanent form of identification. Microchips have no known side-effects.

According to the American Kennel Club, pet theft is on the rise. Collars and tags can easily and accidentally be removed, so make sure your pet has permanent ID with a microchip. Stolen pets are much more likely to be recovered if they are microchipped.

When a veterinarian, shelter or humane society find a lost or missing pet, they use a scanner to read your pet’s microchip. Newman Veterinary Centers – Sanford is equipped with a universal microchip scanner. If you find a lost dog or cat we will scan them for free.